Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The World Turned Upside Down...

Graham Norton is one of many people who drive me bloody mad. Hitherto he registered on my targeting radar as one of those individuals who'd done a funny thing once (twice to be fair. Father Ted in both instances), and then become a 'Celeb'.

Becoming a 'Celeb' now obviously involves everyone hosing you with liquid cash for no readily apparent reason. Especially the Beeb, who have that stuff in abundance; extorted with menaces from thee and me. Graham pissed me off more than most of the current crop of nondescript arseholes, as

a: the Beeb were unusually (even by their standards) extremely liberal with the pen and
chequebook, and

b: I couldn't understand for the fucking life of me why.

Out of the blue, I was compelled to shift my worldview. I checked out the blog of the estimable Dr. Phil Button on Monday afternoon (linked on the right), and discovered that GN not only has a brain, but is endowed with Common Sense (capitalisation intentional). He also demonstrates a sound liberalism that wholly accords with mine.

Never again can I dismiss him as an empty-headed, shrill, brainless, lightweight titwank; of less worth and use than a blancmange strap-on.