Thursday, December 13, 2007

I'm so happy I could shit...

Well, the ink's dry on the death warrant of the United Kingdom. Our masters in Europe got together for a super beano to finish the carve-up.

Of course, the whole shindig was sans Gordo, who owing to the fact he doesn't own a blackberry will pitch up late. He'll be signing up at a special kiddies table, after which he'll be given jelly and ice cream no doubt.

Barroso was wanking on about a 'continent once divided by a totalitarian curtain', although he failed to explain why being swept under a totalitarian umbrella comprised any improvement.

Isn't there anything in the PM's Oath of Office relating to defence of sovereignty? And if not, why not?

It's a little early, even by my standards, but I think a stiff drink's in order...


From what I've been able to discover, the Oath is simply one of allegiance to the crown. It lays no obligation on the sworn in regard to preservation of sovereignty, defence of the realm or anything else for that matter. One might have hoped that some indirect obligation would derive from HM's coronation oath, but most of that relates to sodding christianity. Worse than useless.

For anyone wondering if I'd gone slightly mad when I asked 'And if not, why not?' above; I was suffering a naivete. Of course they wouldn't swear to anything that bound them to behave with loyalty to the UK.

Most of 'em wouldn't recognise genuine loyalty if it leapt up their arses and ripped their spleens out.

Bastards. How I loathe them.

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Henry North London said...

well at least you don't live in the Channel Islands....They aren't part of the EU and are directly ruled by the sovereign. Now there is a place that is forever England but not in England...

They have a reverse telephone directory there if someone phones you you do 1471 and you look up who they are from their phone number...