Thursday, December 20, 2007


A survey by YouGov found almost half of 30 to 50-year-olds confessed to drinking too much at times and had not learned to stick to their limits.
The poll was commissioned as part of a government campaign to encourage responsible drinking over Christmas.
Professor Ian Gilmore, president of the Royal College of Physicians and Chair of the Alcohol Health Alliance, said: "People over 30 should be aware that their body is less likely to cope with the after-effects of alcohol, think carefully about the weekly amount they are drinking and stick to the safe limits so as to avoid alcohol-related disease."
Dr Sarah Jarvis, a GP, said that it was important for the over-30s to limit their alcoholic intake over the Christmas period. "To help you stick to your limits, you might want to try agreeing a limit with a friend, following one alcoholic drink with a soft drink, or taking time out from drinking for another activity."

What the fucking, christing, arse-bagging, dog-shagging, buggery FUCK?!

It's not five minutes ago (figuratively speaking) that the jabbering dungbuckets who concocted the risible 'units' of consumption came clean and admitted they'd just plucked the numbers out of their arses; simply because they were too fucking bone arrogant to admit that they didn't have the first fucking scooby about that of which they spoke.

Lo and behold, friends and neighbours, here we go again. What is it with these fucking pricks? Do they honestly believe in their olympian wisdom that we have the attention spans of goldfish? That we've forgotten all about it, and reverted to the status quo ante bullshit?

I never attached any credence to units anyway, they made no sense at their inception, and now I wouldn't insult my arse by wiping it with them.

As for Gilmore, (may wild horses bugger him nightly) why won't he just shut the fuck up? If only out of a simple sense of shame? If I belonged to a profession that admitted it had caused alterations in public policy that had cost millions of pounds in terms of advertising and implementation, and spawned a generation of publicly funded killjoy fuckpigs on the back of something they'd just made up, (once more for the cheap seats, they'd just made up) I hope I'd have the sense and common good taste to zip it.

And while I think about it, let's just look at one sentence in particular, to wit -

'and had not learned to stick to their limits'

Had not learned? (MtK abruptly expands to titanic size, and kicks over the Canary Wharf tower) had not fucking learned?! These people leave me practically speechless with rage. The sheer condecension, the sheer palpable sense of superior, finger-wagging holier-than-thou puritanism contained (barely) in those nine words beggar belief.

No, professor Gilmore, I have never 'learned' to stick to my limits; and I never will. What I have 'learned' however, is that self-important tossers like you were born to be either ignored, or held up as perfect examples of what is currently wrong in the upper echelons of the medical profession. Just practice medicine, and stick the lifestyle advice and social engineering agenda up your hole if you please. We've had enough.

Unfortunately, we now inhabit a world where the Gilmores, and patrician titwanks like him are in the ascendant. So expect lots more of the same. About everything.


Pietr said...

No. They don't think we have the attention spans of Goldfish.
They think that their 'Olympian Wisdom' protects them from our real attention spans.
Hey, it worked for each and every one of them while they climbed through the chaos and up the greasy pole.

Mac the Knife said...

Smoke and mirrors eh? What's more dreadful Pietr, is that the scrotes I was complaining about didn't even climb the pole, they're not even elected. One thing I can't stand is doctors who are really wannabe eugenicists but haven't the balls to come clean and admit it. BTW, you're the second visitor to grace my ravings with a comment. Ta very much!