Saturday, May 24, 2008


Or, if you prefer, 'Twilight of the Bumblefucks?' (with apologies to Wagner).

The result of the bye-election at Crewe and Nantwitch came as no surprise to anyone. The size of the victory was a profound shock, but to imagine that this heralds a renaissance for the tories is downright stupid.

Even the Dude gets this utterly wrong. According to him, the people have Seen The Light, and no-one Gets Fooled Again. Bullshit.

The electorate remembers little and learns less, this is an extension of the physiological process whereby the body, whether corporeal or politic retains no memory of pain. If it did, every living socialist would have been murdered in 1978.

This result had nothing to do with politics, leave alone high ideals. This was sheer infuriation at a government that can't do anything other than fuck people over, and then lie about it. To piss down our backs and tell us it's raining in other words. Then to keep doing it, over and over again ad nauseam.

Smoking ban, Lisbon treaty, criminalising everybody except criminals, disarming us all in the face of rampant criminality, and above all; the endless preaching and moralising. The insistence on telling all of us that we're morons who must be led into the light by the enlightened (for which, read: whichever NGO is screeching the loudest this week). We're all sick to death of them. Sick, to fucking death of all of them.

Until we have a government that can regain a sense of proportion, of reason, of basic common sense, and above all of fundamental representative democracy; nothing will ever change for the better.


Snowolf said...

Too true. The old adage about oppositions not winning elections is as true now as it ever was. Gordie is quite right when he points out there is no substance to Dave and his chums, but their one redeeming feature is they ain't Labour.

Of course they'll win the next election, and barring an amazing turn around in fortunes for Labour it'll be as close to a landslide as makes no difference, within twelve months there'll be no noticable difference between this government and the new one, everyone gets really disappointed, the turnout for the election after next gets lower and the status quo continues.

I really do hope Labour can pull themselves out of this almighty cluster-fuck, the best result all round is for a hung parliament, and the Limp Dems actually sticking to their principles and refusing to bend over and open wide without a promise of PR. With PR the electorate really can start to stick it to these lazy and arrogant political dinosaurs.

Anonymous said...

Well for me I hope ZaNuLabour stick with Gordo and lose by a landslide. I want to see all these "New Labour" clowns out of a job and hopefully the end of Labour as a political entity.

However the sad truth as you point out is it will make bugger all difference. The two main parties have been broadly socialist in outlook. No one wants to challenge the status quo and do something radical about welfare. All the while taxes continue to rise and the productive sector of our economy declines. How much longer can we afford to pay for generations of deadbeats?

I can see the merits of PR, but I think it would possibly lead to one of two scenarios. Stalemate, as happens in a lot of European countries or the rise of radicalism. However given the way a minority of the people have allowed ZaNuLabour to inflict their luatic fetishes on the majority, maybe it's time for a radical change?

Snowolf said...

If PR did lead to the rise of radicalism, that wouldn't be the fault of PR, it would be the fault of the mainstream parties for their spectacular failure to deliver, their arrogance and grasping nature whilst in power and their 'fuck you, we're in and there's nothing you can do about it' style of governance.

I despise the BNP, but if they took some seats under PR it would perhaps, finally, drive the message home that the big three have done nothing but serve themselves and we've had quite enough.

Mac the Knife said...

A: Not a pleasant scenario is it? I'm convinced that dumbing down the electorate has been deliberate policy, and makes the firmest case for removing education from state control subject to provisos to ensure that it's not simply supplanted by other forms of indoctrination. Right on PR by the way.

Wolfers: BNP via PR? Is that a tiger we can afford to mount? 25-30 years ago, our political life was of a calibre that could have contained PR, being more serious altogether; but bearing in mind the nature of the landscape today, coupled with the critically degraded bi-camerality of the legislature I foresee nothing but chaos.

will said...

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