Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Oh fuck, I think I get it...

...and I wish I didn't. Dave made his point with...
"I don’t want to leave the European Union and I'll tell you why. This is a trading nation. Yorkshire relies on traded goods and on businesses which can trade all over the world and particularly in Europe. We export more per head of the population than America, Japan or other countries. We are a trading nation and Europe is a very important market for us. If we are not in the European Union, we would not be able to have a say over what the rules of the single market are. That is the primary reason for being a member of the European Union."

OK. The obvious question is of course qui bono, who benefits? Well of course, when you think about it, all of our wonderful parliamentarians. Absolutely every single one of the lying, thieving, self aggrandising fuckpigs.

The best club in London. And that was when they had work to do. That was when the Palace of Westminster still admitted individuals who cared for their nation and wanted to work to make it better.

The plan seems fairly straightforward now of course. Sign everything over to the EU. Why actually work for a living? Why do a real job when you can just spunk some ink over a page, and convert the most delicately crafted and evolved democracy in human history, the most finely wrought piece of constitutional government into a debased, emasculated, whorehouse; a stinking trough of slurry for you and your filthy mates to wallow in?

If any party, leave alone government actually acknowledged the EuroElephant in the room, and had the guts and integrity, leave alone the basic fundamental patriotism to do something about it, imagine the rôle they'd have to step in to.

Overnight, they'd be responsible once more for agriculture. trade, and immigration; just to mention the first fundamentals.

The very idea must make the conservatives (I refuse to dignify them with a capital letter) shit their collective pants. They don't want the job. They know in their venal, shrunken, shitty little euro-hearts that they simply aren't up to it. They aren't good enough. They suck. Like a Dyson.

I've made much about our politicians being stupid. And they are. Upper middle class metrocentrics with absolutely no grasp on what real people want or need. It's not surprising, they're not rooted in constituencies anymore, the parties merely parachute in whatever clone they want and away we go. All being well, Labour may get a shock over this technique in Crewe & Nantwitch. Possibly the other parties may learn a lesson, I don't know, but I doubt it. They're simply too fucking thick and self-absorbed.

What I do know is if they don't all start listening, and acting on what they hear they're all fucked, and so are the rest of us.

Anyway, I've managed to drift off my own thread. I'm impressed, I hope you are too.

My point is (in case you're not ahead of me already), is that our politicos have seen the possibilities of the EU. Their objective is to convert the 'Mother of Parliaments' into a sinecure, (Carlsberg don't do filthy sinecures, but if they did... etc. etc.).

Over a thousand years of finely evolved English liberty, three hundred years of the Union? Fuck it. Hand it over to Brussels. They make the rules, we suck up the cash, the privilege, and the kudos. We preen, posture and profit while Johnny Foreigner does the dirty work, we'll pretend it's all our idea, while we devote our efforts into making the British people ever more miserable.

I thought I hated the Major government. How little I knew.

The only hope I have lies in the fundamental stupidity of these people. Our own government and politicians, because they don't know us or understand us; and therefore we'll fuck them. At some point, and quite brutally. They think they're clever, but they're not. It's a sort of low animal cunning, bred in the Westminster Whorehouse, but it's not genuine intelligence, it's born from dealing with other lowlife filthbags who operate on their revolting anti-patriotic anti-social level.

Even the ones who think they've got us taped can't see that the EU will collapse under it's own totalitarian corruption. They believe that the EU is greater than Britain and will outlast our nation despite the fact it's clearly heading for it's own set of buffers, and a messy implosion.

Never tell me that Cameron is well educated. He's clearly incapable of learning anything from our history, or anyone else's for that matter. As for NuLabour the EU just gives them something local to bend over for, anything anti-Brit they'd beg to be arse-raped by and sign us all up by association. The Illiberal Anti-Democrats? Pah. Who can be bothered to type it out?

In short, our stinking, filthy 'parliamentarians' are creating a Britain where they alone live in wealth and privilege. Where work, responsibility and delivery are something only the proles and the private sector (what's left of it) have to deliver.

Has anyone read the treason statutes? I think I will.


Call me Infidel said...

Mack one of the principal problems as I see it is that most of the politicos are ex shysters and ambulance chasers. Maybe we could invent a new parliament where lawyers were barred from becoming an MP?

As for the drivel that Cameron has delivered. I agree that we are a trading nation and that a lot of our trade is now with the EU, but we don't have to be a member of this rotten club. We were members of EFTA before the EEC morphed into the EU and presumably those treaties would still be valid. So the EU can't impose tariffs against us in the event we did leave. In any case we buy more from them than they buy from us.

In the event we did leave we could manage our own agriculture, fisheries and energy ourselves and probably do a better job. I do believe ultimately that the EU is a doomed concept. However I am not prepared to hang around to witness it's death throes. None of the main parties are willing to accept that its going to fail.

As you say we have a gang of traitors in Parliament who are prepared to destroy centuries of evolved democracy just to be run by a bunch of European toerags. It's all really too depressing.

Mac the Knife said...


It's depressing all right. Though have you been here?


That might cheer you up... :)