Friday, May 30, 2008

Prodicus gets the alpenhorn

Note to editors: FIFA headquarters is not in the EU. It's in Switzerland. The Swiss are so far behind EU-think that they haven't discovered nationhood yet let alone considered abolishing it. They did have to think about it for a few minutes when they were asked whether they would like to join the EU. (They said No.) Nobody in Switzerland knows the name of their President or gives a toss who he or she is but everyone knows the name of their village burgermeister because that matters. The Swiss are allowed to enjoy all the privileges of EU membership without having to concern themselves with what they call, in Switzerdeutsch, Brussels Regulations Shite. This is because they have the fortunes of all the EU Commissars and FIFA officials in their banks, and Swiss law decrees that anyone who divulges how much money that actually is will be shot.

Another note to more editors: The ancient Swiss national blazon, now replaced by the less offensive reverse version of the Red Cross, is two upraised digits azures on a field of langues rouges.

The excellant Prodicus commemorates a floundering EU apparatchik in memorable style, do have a look.

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