Monday, June 09, 2008

Announcing a year of celebrations

A small element of the planned celebrations, pictured earlier today.

I hit the half-century today. Happy Birthday to me, despite being smashed to bits in an industrial accident, various falls, car crashes and near-electrocutions, I made it.

I'd like to thank my loyal reader (I think there's one out there somewhere), and remind him that the Mac the Knife Appreciation Society will be meeting in a BT phone kiosk, date and location TBA.

However, contemplating tonight, when I intend to get completely spasticated® on The Famous Grouse, and enjoy a Monte Cristo No. 3 on my garden patio; I suddenly thought that this is my Golden Jubilee year. Why stop at one day?

A patriotic symbol, earlier today

Accordingly, I am declaring this year (09/06/2008 - 08/06/2009) The Mac the Knife Demi-Centennial, wherein I shall endeavour consistency in louche drunkenness, debauchery and amorality of an even lower standard than I customarily practice.

Cheers, good health and better days to all good Libertarian hearts everywhere*.

*Statists, authoritarians and killjoy dog-shaggers can fuck off and die.


Longrider said...

Happy birthday.

Mac the Knife said...

Cheers LR. All the best...

Snowolf said...

Yes. Happy birthday, you degenerate old scrote.

Now, when's the BBQ?

Mac the Knife said...

Cheers Wolfers, I'll get straight onto planning... :)

Call me Infidel said...

Happy birthday Mac. Famous Grouse? I would have thought The Macallan more fitting!

Mac the Knife said...

CMI! Thanks for your good wishes. Near heresy it may be for an anglo-scot (scanglo?) to admit, but I really don't like single malt. I like my scotch to make it's presence felt... :)