Monday, June 23, 2008

Can you tell what it is yet?

The super-perceptive among you may have gleaned that I'm not a big fan of the smoker ban. Most sensible, balanced people were probably quite bewildered by the speed at which the hysteria surrounding passive smoking blew up, and equally surprised at the way 'limited restrictions' metamorphosed into the destructive, divisive and vindictive farrago that is the law in it's current form.

Informed observers may have noticed that pharmaceutical companies had long ago cottoned on to the fact that there was gold in them thar smokers, in the form of a ready market for bullshit nicotine replacement nostra. They realised that if the heat could be turned up on people who like a smoke, then they stood to rake in colossal amounts of brass on the back of it, so they poured huge amounts of money into stinking lie factories like this one. This enabled the organised demonisation of people who like to smoke, and in turn the enactment of the most draconian smoker ban in europe. To date, this has put over 1800 pubs out of business in less than a year, with all the misery that entails (I still can't quite work out why the government thinks that bankruptcy and unemployment is beneficial to people's health).

When the ban was enacted, Pfizer, by an amazing coincidence just happened to have a super new drug ready to 'help' us poor bastards to kick the habit. Isn't that wonderful? Well, apparently not, you see this magic bullet seems to have the unfortunate side effect of killing people.

Just as a brief reminder, passive smoking harms no one. It never has and it never will, if it were one tenth as harmful as the tobacco control bullshit mafia claim, there would be no old people alive, anywhere; and my generation would be totally incapacitated by pulmonary disorders.

In summary, deaths by passive smoking, nil. Death by anti-smoking measures, rising steadily.

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