Friday, June 20, 2008

'Cos we say so

I think it sums things up quite well...

Since I began my tour of duty on the borders of Blogistan, I've gradually become more and more aware of Al Beeb's wholesale flight from objectivity, but the National News on BBC1 last night provided a lovely example.

Merrily extolling the Politburo's sexy plans to spunk away a few mil on making Bristol into a 'cycle city' they blithely asserted that London had seen a massive rise in cycle use 'because of the congestion charge'.

WTF? Where the fuckity fuck does that come from? Evidence? Anybody?

Oh, hang on. I forgot. It's greenshite. Silly me. Whatever prompted me to expect journalism, leave alone critical analysis. Never mind, it's only us silly cunts with a job who're coughing up for this. Who cares eh?

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Call me Infidel said...

Mac it's interesting when you watch Al-Beeb objectively instead of passively letting the propoganda sink in. I watched one of their reports about the chap held in Equitorial Guinea for the alleged coup plot. Al Beeb has to let us know he is an Old Etonian. Why? Who cares. If he went to a comprehensive would they have told us. I hate the fuckers!