Monday, June 09, 2008

Raucheren Unerwünscht!

Hey kids! We can de-normalise everyone right here!

Thanks to the enviably lucid Claire Fox, a concise dissection of nu-labour's charming euphemism 'de-normalisation'.

Persecution always kicks off at 'look at them, they're different', before progressing through all the other differentiators (bad/harmful/smelly/orange) until it arrives at the inevitable consequence of someone getting their head kicked in.

Read Claire's thoughtful insights, which express my feelings better than I ever could. I'll confine myself to the observation that compared to the stalinist morons that run this country I'm both happy and proud to be un-normal (I assume that to be the condition of one who has been de-normalised), and reiterate that I will not submit to this egregious, fraudulent and ongoing assault on my freedom.

Anything else smacks of mindless conformity and spineless capitulation, two things I hold in equal loathing and contempt.

H/T Prodicus.

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