Thursday, July 10, 2008

Argh! He Got Me!

A bushwacked Mac the Knife, earlier today

I have been tagged by the Abominable Pooter, and tasked with writing a story in six words (I ask you). So here it is:

...although perversely, my nipples never recovered.

Right then. Lacking Edwin Hesselthwite's scruples, who else can I screw around with? Ah, I know...

Ambush Predator, she didn't see me coming.

The Remittance Man, no delegating to the jolly old Havildar.

Snowolf, discard that sheep's clothing I tell you!

Right. That's enough damage for one day, time for a bottle of Burning Gold from my Fridge of Evil.


Old Holborn said...

Six words?

Piss easy

"I threw the money on the bed"

"and then they left, arses bleeding"

"if only we had killed Gordon"

Come on mate!

Mac the Knife said...

Excellant fare, but shouldn't the last have read:

If only we had killed Heathcliffe?

Just a thought...

Charles Pooter said...

Sorry about that old chap!

Mac the Knife said...

Never fret Pooters, I'll do anything for a cheap laugh... :)