Tuesday, July 01, 2008

How do you say 'Fuck you' in Polish?

A symbol of heroic resistance earlier today.

Because that's what their President effectively did earlier today. I suppose having lived under a pack of violent authoritarian shithouses for over fifty years leaves you with a healthy fear of same.

That, allied to guts and good old-fashioned objective cynicism led to today's events.

The Polish. Stubborn, hard-headed bastards. I love 'em.


Tim Worstall said...

"Fuck You" in Polish? Pretty similar to what it is in Russian I would guess.

"Yob Tvoi Mat".

(literally, fuck your mother and can be everything from whining at the plonker who just ate the last peanut to the sort of phrase that starts global throat slitting.)

Mac the Knife said...

Oh, I know. When I visited Moscow I thought it hilarious that the most trivial upset rated a 'fuck your mother', that and the way it was directed at inanimate objects too.

I also enjoyed (and my spelling may be off the beam here) yob mai starry pletchnie. 'Fuck my old boots' is so satisfying, I use it myself occasionally...

Anonymous said...

easy, in polish it is kurwa (pronounced coorva)
enjoy :P

Mac the Knife said...

Anon: Thanks for that, knowledge gained for it's own sake and all that...

Anonymous said...

I would say /kurwa/ in polish in situations when you would probably say /oh shit!/.
What you wanted was /fuck you/ so in Poland we say /pierdol sie/. You will pronounce it your way anyway, so I just leave it the way it is;)
By the way you may say polish is similar to russian, but it's completely different.

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