Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Is 'e 'avin a larf?

A subtle hint, earlier today.

This character's attracted comment lately, not least of all from DK.

The Morningstar steered me this way, and I read the post in all it's jaw-dropping, collectivist bollockry.

Don't read EVIL TORIES, they WON'T LISTEN, squeaks DES shrilly. This from someone who has comments disabled.

Can't hear any dissent, eh Comrade? At least not until you've got those cattle-trucks ready to roll. Siberia every hour, on the hour. Just like the good old days.

I admit, I thought it was a wind-up. No-one could be that fucking thick, that illiterate, that divorced from simple reality. Could they?



Snowolf said...

Ah yes, Dirty European Socialist: Madder than Mad Jock McMad, a superb example of leftism in this country.

Mac the Knife said...

Superb? Transcendent more like. Cheers me up though, with clots like this on-side, they can't help but self destruct... :)

Call me Infidel said...

What a pathetic loser. What's wrong whiner boy? Losing the argument perhaps? The wheels are coming off the socialist wagon and the leftie maggots are having to face up to reality. Socialists whether from the Stalinist or national variety can't tolerate any opinion contrary to their own. Their discomfiture is most satisfying.

Mac the Knife said...

Isn't it just? I love the sound of leftie wriggling in the morning... :)

Longrider said...

Completely deranged. I do love his assertions that he has a high IQ and graduate qualifications. Yeah, right. His illiteracy isn't due to his lack of education and stupidity; oh, no, it's because he has a male brain.

What a fuckwit. he can boycott me all he likes, I won't notice.

Mac the Knife said...

LR: His illiteracy led him to type 'male' when he meant to type 'lame', it's an easy mistake to make after all... :)

Jones said...

DES is very keen on calling people who don't agree with him 'Nazi' or 'Paedophile'. This may rebound on him, as it did on a Nanaimo person who had been harassing an Australian with similar epithets.

Fair comment is one thing, but abuse is another.

He can boycott all he wants.