Wednesday, August 27, 2008

And is there honey still for tea?

The 'extended police family' earlier today.

For those of us who thought PCSO's weren't the greatest idea ever.

I found this crap in The Telegraph this morning, and the redoubtable Longrider wasn't slow to pick up on it. He has pinpointed the essential bits with his customary concision, including the creepy parallel with the French revolutionary Committee of Public Safety; reknowned forever for delivering anything but.

Personally I see a closer resemblance between this repulsive, shambolic idea and the Blockleiteren.

What I find particularly loathsome about all this, is Labour's need to dress up their filthy, secretive oppressions in the wholesome language of hearth and home, to wit:

Accredited Persons* have a key role to play in the delivery of Neighbourhood Policing and are an important part of the extended police family.

"the extended police family". I love that. I really love that. Does that mean there's a Daddy Policeman, a Mummy Policeman, an apple-cheeked Grandad and Granny Policeman and hordes of little laughing Baby Policemen?

No. It fucking doesn't. It means hordes of jumped-up, little cockslots rampaging around with powers they're neither trained nor equipped (mentally or psychologically) to use, arse-reaming us for the benefit of shit-shyster backstreet businesses and local councils.

This one is really going to end in tears.

Baby Policeman tried the big nasty robber, but that was much too dangerous, so Baby Policeman tried the gang of teenagers, but they just told Baby Policeman to go and fuck himself up the socket; then Baby policeman tried a little old lady whose Westie had dumped on the pavement, and she was just right.

*akkreditiertensleute anybody? Shit.


Old Holborn said...

For akkreditiertensleute, try

Parteimitglied (party member)



fucking bastards. I intend to shot one as a warning.

Mac the Knife said...

I think we should invite one to a community barbecue. As the main course.