Friday, August 15, 2008

Hang on a mo...

God, earlier today.

I tend to avoid CiF on the well-worn principle that there's only so much one man can stand. I avoid Julie Burchill for exactly the same reason, as with the exception of Polly Toynbee, she is the towering monument to how high a vapid know-nothing berk can rise in the MSM.

This however, I couldn't resist.

I believe, literally, in the God of the Old Testament, whom I understand as the Lord of the Jews and the Protestants. I'm a Christian Zionist, as well as a Christian feminist and a Christian socialist.

Now, I'm an atheist, and have been since before my balls dropped, but even I know that JC is conspicuously absent from the Old Testament. He pitched up for Bible II, in which his life is chronicled. That's where the christian bit comes in Julie. Get it? Christ? Christian?

If I remember correctly, the book of Isaiah actually injuncts people to 'consider not upon things past', and to 'behold, I am doing a new thing', which could be interpreted as meaning that the old instruction book goeth even unto The Bin.

But it's all a bit complicated for you isn't it Julie. You deeply stupid, fabulously, supernaturally ignorant anus.

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Snowolf said...

Is he then not also Lord of the Catholics? Or do they not count? Do Old Testament texts not also contribute a large amount of the Koran?

And what about Lord of the Fli . . . oh, no that's different.

Anyway, she's obviously as thick as bottled shit. It always seem that those who bang on about Christianity display the fewest characteristics the church would like to be associated with.