Monday, September 08, 2008

And there's more...

Schnell Sarkozy! More barbed wire! Macht los!

The stupendous and essential Christopher Booker had this to say...

To address our looming energy crisis with the urgency it calls for, we would not only have to ignore the fantasies of Mr Hansen and the green lobby, but also directly confront our government in Brussels, which stands in the way of almost every measure we need to take. In this sense, in terms of what it will cost us, energy looks to become the defining issue of our EU membership

I sincerely hope so. Finally an issue that may deliver sufficient public impact to haul the whole rotten edifice that is the EU out from under it's rock* and into the public domain.

The looming energy crisis may throw the unconscionable stupidity/cupidity/insanity of this monstrous crypto-empire into sufficiently sharp relief to render even the BBC and MSM powerless to spin it into obscurity.

It'll have to be during the hours of daylight however, as otherwise there may not be sufficient light to see it.

*Hopelessly mixed metaphor. So sue me.

HT EU Referendum.


Dirty Euro: said...

The EU is vital for our future.
Only nazis hate the EU. Hitler spoke out against european unity. Churchill and Eisenhower spoke for it.

Mac the Knife said...

The EU is the closest thing to Nazism since Adolph invented it you prat. It's totalitarian and ruthlessly anti-democratic.

Justify the EAW on any grounds if you think your tiny mind can handle it.

Dirty Euro said...

Bullt shit you prick. The EU was inenvted by the persecued of nazis to win peace and stop another hitler. When does the EU kills jews, or
Hitler says in Mein Kampf he says "Should one State preserve its national strength and its national greatness the empire of the Jewish satrapy, like every other tyranny, would have to succumb to the force of the national idea." So he was extremist nationalist he left the league of nations he was like you.

Mac the Knife said...

Whatever it's initial aims, it's mutated into a supra-national anti-democratic proto-tyranny.

And why didn't you meet the challenge to justify the EAW?