Thursday, November 13, 2008

On Balloons and Pricks...

A pissed-off, forestalled also-ran; earlier today

There are few things piss me off more than individuals who say what I meant to say, but infinately better than I could.

Like this insufferable smart-arse.

Of course, it is also "extremely difficult to monitor" whether any parent smokes in their own home but I've got some lovely marshland to sell to anybody who seriously thinks that a total domestic ban won't be the next step after this bullshit has bedded in. And that, of course, is what all this is really about. Once these corrupt fuckers have set out their stall by banning foster parents from smoking, it won't be too much of a push to ban natural parents from smoking

A man who is certainly ahead of the curve. Smart, concise and perceptive.

As if that wasn't enough, I have this enragingly well-written piece to swallow into the bargain.

The public buildings part is nonsense. Pubs are not public buildings. Neither are clubs. They are private businesses. Companies that own office blocks are not permitted to allow anyone to smoke in them, anywhere. Van drivers cannot smoke in their own vans, salesmen in their cars - even if they are self-employed. If you set up a smokers' club, employed only smokers and only allowed smokers to join it, you'd all be standing out in the rain to smoke while the club lies empty. That's how stupid it is to say 'it's to protect non-smokers'. Even if there isn't a non-smoker within fifty miles, a smoker cannot light up indoors, even if he owns the establishment.

I ask you, what fucking chance do I stand? Maybe if I spent more than thirty-five minutes a day sober...

A sweeping and courtly bow to The Filthy Smoker, and to Leg Iron.


Leg-iron said...

Thanks for the link, and what on Earth do you need to stay sober for a whole thirty-five minutes for? Surely not every day?

Most of my rants are fuelled by malt whisky, even if they sound like they're made from malt vinegar. Although that does mean they take a long time to type.

Nick M said...

Turn it around. It's easy to see this as a war against smokers (which it is) but more insidious is that it is also using smokers as a proxy for redefining private and public distinctly in the direction of public.

will said...

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