Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Chapati, Sodomy and the Lash...

The original Vikramaditya, earlier today.

Lurking around the net earlier today, I made a regular stop at Samizdata where Michael Jennings was kind enough to share some of his photos with us insular types. One of which was a photo taken in a Chinese port, featuring an aircraft carrier with decidedly Russian naval architecture.

That stirred my curiosity, so I searched for further information. I didn't get quite what I expected though. One of the images spat out was for the INS Vikramaditya.

A bit more digging gave me this:

A big, naughty boat, earlier today.

This was formerly the Admiral Gorshkov, which began it's life as the Aviation Carrier Baku, withdrawn from Russian Navy service circa 1993.

She's now to the best of my understanding with the Indian Naval Service renamed Vikramaditya.

Now don't misunderstand me, if India wants a deep-water navy that's fine by me. If India wants Soviet built hardware, that's fine likewise; I have a soft spot for Russian ship design, they have a knack for elegant multi-purpose solutions after all.

No, what bugs me is that our cretinous PM recently announced this.

Why are we funding a military spending splurge in the Indian Ocean. Why are we effectively buying India force-projection hardware that the RN can only dream about, while all our armed forces are scraping around for basic kit?

Why are we cursed with a government of such stupefying idiocy and wastefulness?

It fucked my New Year up, just thought I'd share the love.

All the best for 2009, but I'm not exactly bursting with optimism.


The Refuser said...

Mac the Russian naval hardware is not well known for reliability. I hope they got it cheap. It does make you wonder though how we justify giving all the aid money. It's not like UK PLc is exactly flush these days. The Americans are very generous with their aid packages but the proviso is that a lot of the money comes back to the US by way of contracts. I doubt somehow that we will get any return on our investment. Though in the long run I would sooner give aid to India than to China.

John Pickworth said...

Curious... however your mention of a Russian aircraft carrier did remind me I'd read of China buying such an item sometime back. Supposedly to turn it into a museum (cough). Yeah, right!

Well shiver my timbers, it seems they were telling the truth... damn sneaky fellows those Chinese.

Here's a panoramic photo of the former Ruskie carrier 'Minsk' (now renamed ShenZhen 01) located at its new home at the Minsk World Military Theme Park located in Dapeng Bay, Shatoujiao, Shenzhen, China.

Oh and if you like, you can see it on Google Maps too.

Look familiar?

Mind you, those Chinese chaps don't seem to really understand these huge ships of war... found another Chinese aircraft carrier on Google Maps Go on, zoom out ;-)

When you've finished giggling, go here for the story:

Oh yeah... to comment on your piece, just wait until some of that British taxpayer funded hardware is used against us or some of our interests. So much for Labour ethical arms sales! Remember that promise some moons ago? They seem have ducked around that one by giving them the straight cash so they can buy their killin' weapons diect from the Russians and Chinese. Have we gone completely insane in this country? No, don't answer that.

Mac the Knife said...

TR: Their submarines have a terrible rep, and rightly so; and indeed the Gorshkov ended up in the shop due to an engine room explosion all of which I would ascribe to their lunatic fixation with corner-cutting. However, in the hands of a navy with a grasp of basic maintenance it may be a different story. Bang on about the Chinese though.

JP: Minsk and Gorshkov are from the same class. I think we're all the way to the funny farm and slightly beyond on this and so much more. I think I'll go and drink lots of booze, it's the only sane thing to do...

Mac the Knife said...


TR, where oh where has your little blog gone? I'm missing the extra cynicism hit... :)

will said...

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