Saturday, February 14, 2009

So, Just Why Do They Say These Things? Part Three

No Happiness Suckers! Logo earlier today

In parts one and two of this little opus, I fisked these two unconscionable twats, and addressed the increasing politicisation of the medical establishment and health 'professionals' in general.

Fisking is something I rarely do, if only because there are other bloggers who do the whole job far better, but I made an exception in this case owing to the fact that I'm getting really pissed off with these people.

What really strikes me these days is the sheer boneheaded illogicality of their whole position. Every one of their infuriating, intrusive and prescriptive initiatives is designed with one end in mind, to prolong our existence.

On the one hand, we're told that we face a demographic time bomb and that for the first time the number of people over the age of sixty-five outnumbers those below the age of sixteen, that we need to brace for an explosion in the incidence of dementia, and that cancer rates are rising steadily despite all their myriad interventionist strategies. On the other we are exhorted to do everything we can to prolong our existence.

I say exhorted, but matters have progressed way beyond mere encouragement. Now a ceaseless barrage of legislation and propaganda assails every sense, every day, all day. The only surcease comes when we sleep, but I'm sure some restless NuLabour apparatchik has read their Huxley, and enforced 'education' is on it's merry way.

Why, if the NHS is at breaking point, our elderly care service is shuddering towards collapse, and our pensions system is dying on it's arse, are we being corralled into this brainless stampede toward longevity as an end in and of itself?

What, exactly is the logic underpinning extending existence, when all that awaits are the diseases and indignities that inevitably accompany old-age? When every authority acknowledges that the resources to manage an aging population simply aren't there, why are they hell-bent on expanding that very same population?

I've no answer to that question. I personally think every single one of them has gone completely out of their tiny little minds.

The medics? Well. I can't help wondering when exactly they lost their critical faculties to the extent that can't differentiate any more between simple existence, and life as I understand the term.

Endlessly grinding on in some buddhist manqué exercise in self denial, for the privilege of paying ever more numerous and inventive taxes holds limited appeal for me. I got myself crippled very nicely thank you in an industrial accident in 1978, in the last few years I've gone still further down the nick and I take what pleasures I have left very seriously indeed, believe you me. Unfortunately, my pleasures now conflict with what our masters think I ought to like, and that's made a bit of a mess of things.

I know I'm not alone in feeling that these interfering fucks need to be shown the door, the Man on the Nag encapsulates it all quite pithily thus:

Bottom line here. Doctors should heal the sick. They should not take it upon themselves to tell us how to live our lives and they should not be in the business of making law – if they want to do that, give up the doctoring and stand for parliament

The same message should be tattooed on the foreheads of all denizens of QANGOS, fake charities, pressure groups and every other stripe of 'activist' who know too well how democracy would eat them up and shit them out, but have found various ways to subvert the process.

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