Thursday, June 04, 2009

Is it Really Just Me?


Does anyone, anywhere actually find Alan Carr funny?


steveshark said...

Not just you.
He's a low budget Larry Grayson/Julian Clary.
I'm guessing that he's filling a niche (sic) in camp comedy.
WV = merman

Anonymous said...

thank God someone else has said what I've been thinking

manofkent said...

No one finds him funny - they just think that the Righteous will pour opprobrium on then if they say so. Multi-culturism is OK as long as the culture is the usual left liberal bollocks.

Not a sheep said...

One of the least funny "comedians" on TV today.

Faux Cu said...

and Dawn French and Jim Carrey and Gordon Brown

Mac the Knife said...

FC: An eclectic selection, but I can't argue with any of 'em... :)

Great Big Billygoat Gruff said...

Wouldn't argue against ritual beheading for mendacious politicians but, we would need to turn it into a spectator sport, pour encourager les autres.

The Dome would do just nicely and has recently just become available.

We could franchise to Ticketmaster and al Jazeera as appropriate.

Who will be Mme Tricoteuse?

Faux Cu said...

I second