Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Measure the Thickness...

Where a lot of effort seems to be concentrated...

Via Ambush Pusscat, this excellant post detailing the fallout from NooLaybah's wholesale sodomisation of the education system.

STUDENTS who failed to understand the words “despotic tyranny” have been complaining about their history A-level exam.

It is claimed the question “How far do you agree that Hitler’s role 1933-45 was one of despotic tyranny?” was too confusing for some students to understand.

A protest group called Despotic Tyranny Ruined My Life has been set up on Facebook.

So far 1,151 people have joined the group, leaving comments such as “My life is DESTROYED because of this exam. Seriously” and “This exam made me sad”.

The essay question featured on an Edexcel A Level exam paper sat last week.

A number of teachers have also posted comments on an online history teachers’ discussion forum, claiming that their students would not know what the words “despotic” and “tyranny” meant.

My sympathies lie entirely with the students in this. Yes, they sound like whining ninnies, and yes it looks as though the application of simple context is beyond them; but how were they brought to this?

People are not born knowing how to think. By thinking, I don't mean the inchoate stream-of-consciousness mental muzak that bounces aimlessly around the cranial vault like an endless game of 'pong'; I mean critical, logical, analytical thought.

This is a discipline that must be imparted through education. The political class doesn't like that stuff however, as it leads to their words and deeds being deconstructed by a literate and intelligent electorate, and that would never do.

Every effort of this double and thrice damned pack of boob-jobs has been concentrated on converting young people into docile, malleable sheep. Bulk stock churned out as fodder for the service industries, incapable of cogently questioning the predigested toss spewed by the government and the MSM. Just ask anyone under the age of twenty-five about any issue, from global warming to passive smoke and listen to the soundbites and clich├ęs spill forth. Neatly programmed all.

Nice one Tony, Ed and the rest of you fuckwits. You've created a generation of young people who can't find their own arseholes with both hands and a searchlight.

I feel sorry for them, and for the rest of us.

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Call me Infidel said...

Not surprising they want to lower the voting age to sixteen. It will take generations to undo the damage these freaks have inflicted on us. Ed Balls along with Anthony Lynton Liar a man who's face you could never tire of punching.