Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Big Brother AND This Tool on the Same Day?

Yes! Yes! YES! Ahahahahahahahahah!

So. Farewell Edward Moore Kennedy,
'Ah, youse IRA murderin' boyos are grand, so',
That was one of your catchphrases,
'I'll leave you to drown bitch',
That was another,
Keith's mum said you had a lovely head of hair,
But I thought you were a cunt,
So there.

With apologies to E. J. Thribb, 17½


Call me Infidel said...

I actually read the above first

"Finally, this shite and all it's associated bacterial offshoots is gone to the sewer!" and before I clicked on the link I was thinking you were referring to "The Swimmer" then I spotted this post. Good news all around it seems.

Mac the Knife said...

CMI! What a pleasure to see you back again. A cornucopia of delights, good job Mandeltitty didn't present with syphilis, I may have exploded...

Brad said...

didn't you give him a knighthood?

This Royal Throne of Kings said...

No, Brad, 'we' didn't give him a knighthood; Gordon Brown, the unelected dictator forced the Queen to do so.

And what was a lifelong, tub-thumping 'Irish' Republican doing accepting such a bauble from the hated 'Brits'? Couldn't have been due to his overweening arrogance and self regard, could it?

Good riddance to him and all his works.

Mac the Knife said...

Brad - Thanks for taking the time to visit/comment.

TRToK sums it up quite neatly. The only 'K' Kennedy would have had from any right-thinking Brit would have been a hard kick to his lardy arse. Personally, I wouldn't have pissed in his mouth if his teeth were on fire.

Time was we garlanded the good and damned the unworthy. Somehow it's all ended up arse-about-face.