Tuesday, August 25, 2009

In the Blue Corner

Advocate free trade, sting like a bee.

The US Chamber of Commerce has had an idea. Simple, like all brilliant ideas, but having the potential to save the economies and ultimately the civilisation of the Western world.

It is this. Detailed over at the indispensible Watts Up With That and Witterings from Witney, they intend to force the charlatans and junk scientists of the EPA to hold a full open court hearing to determine the validity - or otherwise - of anthropogenic global warming theory.

If the misanthropic, anti-civilisation, flat-earth counter enlightenment is to be stopped, this is how it will happen. The only way to crush these maniacs once and for all is to get them out from under their MSM security blanket and hose them down with a little hard science.

Go to it, you bruisers. Carry the fight straight to the heart of the beast.

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