Friday, August 14, 2009

Songun Comrades Lead the World in Arslikhan!

A Great Socialist Hero Falls.

He has been silent since last November, probably killed by a Barry Omaha* inspired orgasm, and now he is supplanted. I hope it is some consolation that he was trounced by a true ideological titan.

A Paladin of the Proletariat Arises!

I give you Comrade Dermot Hudson a man so far up Kim Jong Il's arse, he's on nodding terms with the Dear Leader's pancreas.

My sincere thanks to The Poor Mouth a new addition to my regulars, who kindly reminded me just how fucking deluded some people can be. Freedom for Tooting anyone?

Oh, by the way Comrade Hudson, what's wrong with this picture?

At least at night you can't see that people are starving.

You utter, utter, fuckwit.

*A reference to Spongebrain Fudgepants' gracious recognition of the US Army units which stormed 'Obama Beach' on the Sixth of June, 1944. Fucking imbecile.

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