Friday, September 25, 2009

And STILL They Don't Get It!

I'll ring your division bell, Big Boy

So now we see what CamBoy means by 'new politics'. According to The Times, no fewer than 28 of his PPC's are either lobbyists or PR weasels.

Well, of course they are. That's exactly what parliament needs. Who's going to notice a few more whoring scumbags at the trough? Who in their right fucking mind would consider selecting individuals of proven worth and achievement? God forbid!

No. You're dead right Dave. Get out there and scrape that barrel, if you try harder you may be able to trawl the depths for some more pointless fucking parasites, but I doubt it.

After a summer in which the full extent of the fakery, thievery and essential worthlessness of the modern British MP has been thrown into sharp relief, they STILL can't see it.

OK Dave, as a personal favour to you, I'll walk you through this one.

• We, the British people are utterly, gut wrenchingly sick of fucking no-accounts

• We, the British people don't want to be represented by them any more

• We, the British people don't want to be governed by them any more

• We, the British people know that there are better people out there

• We, the British people don't know why you won't find them and put them forward

• We, the British people are still waiting for you to give us something worth electing

Lobbyists. Is there a lower form of life? Lower than a p├Ždophilic estate agent I mean, because off hand, I'm stumped. A creature whose sole raison d'├¬tre is to pervert the democratic and legislative process, standing for parliament. It's beyond rational analysis. It's an obscenity.

The British Horseracing Authority said that it chose a lobbying firm partly because it employed a prospective parliamentary candidate. “It’s certainly helpful,” said Will Lambe, the organisation’s head of public affairs.

Oh yes. I'm quite fucking sure it is.

If this is 'new politics' you can take it, trim it and shove it. It means nothing to me, or any other right thinking Brit.


Call me Infidel said...

How many of these "lobbyists" also studied law? Is there anything lower than a paedo estate agent? Only and ambulance chasing paedo shyster I venture to suggest.

James Higham said...

I think your bulleted points sum that one up.

Mac the Knife said...

Ta chaps...

Anonymous said...

In fact -

We the majority of the British people prefer to be called ENGLISH

You're right though - some people just don't get it.

Mac the Knife said...


I'm a Jock/English hybrid, so I have a dog in both races (no pun intended). I signed the English Claim of Right and joined the Witanagemot because I think England and the English have had a raw deal out of our 'leaders', but I remain a Unionist and believe that together we're greater than the sum of our parts.

Point taken though...