Friday, September 18, 2009

Before I Forget

The Hospital in which I'm interned is one I used to work for. It had a social club where I made a lot of friends and had some very memorable nights.

I was sad to see that it's been shut down and converted to new purposes.

It's now the clap clinic.

Symmetry? Or a case of mutatis mutandis?


James Higham said...

Hospital social club? Dances with Plaster? Bedridden Quadrille? One-armed Snooker?

Snowolf said...

Hey, just because they've all got a dose doesn't mean you can't go and have a good time there. Just make sure you bag up, eh?

James Higham said...

Snowolf, how do you have fun in a clap clinic? :)

Mac the Knife said...

Wolfers, I know the nurses that staff the place, and I'm reliably informed that the clientele are almost exclusively Double-Baggers.

They've taken out the beer pumps and optics remember...

Mac the Knife said...

Ah, James. We didn't let patients in. They're sick, we might have caught something.

No, this was where health-care peeps went to get loaded and smoke themselves to pulmonary meltdown, to temporarily expunge from memory the awfulness of what sickness and chance do to humanity.

When they concentrated on treating the sick and injured, warts and all, instead of pissing away precious time and resources on futile efforts to perfect them.


Why did I piss that away in a comments box? There was the basis of a perfectly good post there.