Wednesday, September 09, 2009

For a Wider Audience

Our Flo, earlier today.

I give you the true inheritor(trix?) of Nightingale's legacy...

I was shocked to see that 78 per cent of people in your text poll* don't think the NHS should cut jobs.

I'm a nurse and I'd love to see some cuts. Far too many are paid a fortune to make terrible decisions and chase ridiculous targets. Bin them all and let's get back to making ill people better.

MD, Glasgow.

Make that woman President of the RCN without further delay, this is how health 'professionals' are supposed to think!

Quote from The Metro but I can't link directly.

HT That Wadsworth Bloke.

Memo to B&D: Yes I am hat-tipping him, he saved me a job/spotted something I didn't so good on 'im and fuck the pair o'yeez...

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