Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Horseman Writing By

Longrider disputes the veracity of a fake charity, earlier today

Longrider machine guns this supernaturally fuckwitted notion.

In doing so however, he nails the wider malaise:

Quangos and fake charities full of the nasty, envious and downright insidious little creeps who are the parasites that live off the decaying flesh of a rotten, corrupt administration. Afraid that their host is dying, they seek to find themselves a new one before the decay is brought to an abrupt end with the clean gunshot of the ballot box. They must be denied that life. They are a part of the rotten carcass and must be cleaned out with the stinking, fetid host upon which they have flourished this past decade.

These fucking things are the weevil in the national biscuit. They must be brutally expunged from every level of British life and the body politic if we are ever to know democracy*.

The trouble is that I fear that CamBoy has already divined their filthy potential, and has every intention of harnessing them to his rotten wagon.

We shall see, but I'm in no wise optimistic.

*Note that I do not say 'again'

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James Higham said...

I'm a fake charity. Donate to me. If we tried this, how far would we get?