Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I Watched in Silence

The Ponce of Darkness

Mandy Pandy's conference speech yesterday.

I really don't know where to start. I really don't. Everything I loathe and despise. Everything I hate and oppose. Everything that is sick and wrong and degraded about British politics neatly wrapped and delivered in one slippery skin.

To re-hash the sins of this oleaginous, scheming thing would be hopelessly redundant. I'm in no doubt that doing so would merely be to preach to the choir. It's not really those I find so sickening.

No. What really puts me into orbit is the way that the fucking labour party disinter this reprehensible, intolerable excrescence and parade it in front of us all. like some hideous memento venaliter.

The message to the nation from New Labour, received loud and clear:

Look! Look you stupid, stupid bastards! While you hang on by your fingernails, we've elevated this useless fuck to the highest offices of state! Shit! We even made up some new ones, just for him! Isn't that awesome? Isn't that sooo kewl? While you suffer and do without and try to tread water, the only part of him that isn't immersed in the trough is his ringpiece, and it's blowing off! Right in your stupid faces! What do you think about that? On second thoughts - who ever gave a FUCK what YOU think?

I'll let the noble lord conclude, as he did to the faithful:

“But let me say this. If I can come back . . . we can come back,”

Processed through the Mac the Knife Patent Bullshit Translator®™, this reads:

"Lie, cheat, backstab and connive. Fuck the law, fuck probity, fuck morality, fuck public service. Kiss arse, fuck arse, take bungs. IT DOESN'T FUCKING MATTER! If you're part of the charmed circle you can't lose! Long after you bovine fucks have been thrown under the bus, I'll still be living in luxury; rich, powerful and untouchable"

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Call me Infidel said...

It's hard to sum up the level of my contempt for Mandleslime. What I find most baffling is the way the media portray him as some kind of uber heavyweight political genius. Though given the standards of the rest of the Labour front bench perhaps that is not so surprising. Milipedes, wee Dougie, Balls, Man of Straw....hmmm not exactly what you could call awe inspiring.
I did enjoy comrade Brownstainovich's "hard" stare at Adam Boulton today. A few more days of bad press and I reckon it could be the staight jacket for Brown. That clip of him with the death stare was quite disturbing.