Sunday, September 06, 2009

Oh, for Allah's Sake!

Fasting for the Faithful, an Idiot's Guide

Oh arse. Oh arse, arse, arse. I had such high hopes for you, I really did.

Is there something about the Mayorality of London that fucks up braincells? What? What does this to people?

Boris Johnson has recommended that we all fast for Ramadan. This in order that we learn to understand Muslims better.

Look Boris, as a personal favour I'll walk you through this. The problem lies not in the fact that we don't understand Muslims. In a sane country we'd have no need to, an individual's religion being a matter for them and them alone etc. etc.

No. The problem lies in the fact that certain Muslims understand the boneheaded, fuckwitted jellies of our political class far, far too well.



Leg-iron said...

Oh, I quite agree. I'll fast for a day, if those muslims will come drinking with me for a day.

Then we'll understand each other all right.

Of course, nobody else will understand a single word.

Boris should come too. He can put it all on expenses and then we can get into the absinthe.

James Higham said...

Imam Boris should have the skull cap.

Junius said...

James - don't be daft. Boris is killing two birds with one stone here - making muslims feel good, and waging war on obese non-muslims.

Mind you I don't know what he'll do for overweight muslims.

James Higham said...

Yeah, that has to be considered.

13th Spitfire said...

It is probably much like the EU and political parties relationship with it.

In opposition all parties are very reserved about its entire being but still claim that "it is good for Britain" - but fail to explain how or in what way it is good. However when in power they suddenly become very cosy to the "sharing" of power agreement.

Remember the tories brought us into the EU.

Alas, much the same with the London mayorality. I reckon.