Saturday, September 05, 2009

On Pimping, and the Brave Men Who Do It...

Demetriou earlier today, Boatang is out of shot, strangling a puppy.

Boatang & Demetriou have some things to say on the topic of networking within the blogosphere. I'll put my hands up and admit that when I first got in to this game, I definately fell into the trap of using the virtual equivalent of skateboarding past the cool kids murmering 'My Friendship, you know you want it'.

Happily, I kicked that in the head fairly rapidly. I link quite prolifically, but only to people I think have something to say, who simply provide high grade entertainment, or valuable information.

Yes, it's a little incestuous at times, and yes I think perhaps from time to time arslikhan rears it's hoary head, but so what? Why people blog is a question with a multiplicity of answers, and wanting to belong is certainly one of these. In the current political and social climate a lot of people, and certainly libertarians feel pretty isolated, I know when I stumbled across blogistan it was a tremendous relief to find out it wasn't just me who thought the world had gone Dagenham. It felt like finding a few survivors of your own regiment in the middle of a full-scale rout, and it felt good. It gave me hope. Which is why I think we can all be forgiven for drifting into something of a siege mentality.

We look to eachother for support, which is good, but we can end up becoming insular and self referential, which is fucking stupid and self defeating. The day I de-list someone for saying something nasty about me, then take the gun to me; because I must be mutating into a lefty, and the end of that road will be CiF with my head up my arse and that's a fate I don't want to contemplate.

Which brings me to my main theme for tonight. The awards to which B&D refer do encapsulate a lot of the bollocks they were railing against, true. But, they led me on to a few new bloggers I didn't know about. That's good. In fact it's very good.

One such is Frank Davis. Like me, Frank enjoys a smoke, and like me, Noo Laybuh arbitrarily reduced his social life to ashes (no pun intended) as part of their fucking children's crusade against tobacco.

One of the reasons I'm such an erratic poster is that I'm still blithering around looking for my voice, and very frequently I find that even on subjects dear to my heart someone else not only got there first, but said it better. Being one of these blokes who, if he hasn't got anything worthwhile to say, shuts up; I often forbear to add my three ha'porth.

Frank's posts are genuinely moving. They carry a real, raw authenticity; speaking of yet another ordinary bloke struggling to make sense of what's been done to him and why. For that reason they often make uncomfortable reading, but they nevertheless demand to be read. They don't have the polished, witty venom of The Devil, or the concise intellectual bite of Legiron but they speak loud and clear for all that.

As I've no doubt mentioned before, I was disabled in an industrial accident at about 15:10 hours GMT on March the second 1978. On that day, at that hour, life as I'd known it finished. From then on, I was what the medical profession characterise as an 'incomplete paraplegic' (only they could concoct a piece of terminology that manages to imply that I'd made a half-arsed job of it), in short, in an instant I was 'de-normalised'.

'De-normalisation' is not a good thing. One lesson it has taught me, over and over again is that prejudice sucks arse. It ruins lives and blights society. It is a foul cancer, far worse than anything that ever came from a cigarette, exercised by individuals who are to be pitied and loathed in equal measure for their dirty, stunted little souls and despised for their ignorance and bone-headed counter productivity.

One thing I know, is that anyone who for whatever reason believes that wilfully engaging in a course of action that 'denormalises' other human beings is in any way either beneficial or justifiable is a manifestation of evil incarnate, and must be resisted - and stopped - by all people of good conscience.

'Denormalisation' is invariably undertaken by individuals who believe they know best what is good for everyone else, and their essential unshakeable confidence in their own rightness empowers them to do anything to anyone. It always leads, ultimately, to the same place.

We must not go there ever again.



The Filthy Engineer said...

Amazingly you have written a post that would describe how I felt when I recently entered the Blogosphere. Truly uncanny. I have been overawed by some of the Blogs you have mentioned, but now just post what I want to, and link to who I want.

I also find Frank Davis's posts truly descibe what I feel since the smoking ban. I jus hope we can get some sanity back into what was such a great country.

James Higham said...

Someone like DK used to run two comments forms - one for real readers and one for bloggers. Bloggers ignored it and commented at the end of the wrong link. It can get incestuous, this game.

Mac the Knife said...


Just the way to do it. As long as you remember who you're doing this for, then all else follows.


I don't see why everyone's getting so exercised over it to be honest. Who cares?