Saturday, September 26, 2009

So, Just What Would it Take?

"I'll take that one, in chartreuse"
"Certainly Lord Mandelson, shall I gift wrap it for you?"

So, let's now take stock a moment. They've been caught with their fingers in our pockets, soliciting bribes, breaking the laws they've imposed on the rest of us, avoiding taxes (ditto), Lords and Commons both. Perhaps it would be quicker to jot down what they haven't been up to?

And yet. And yet, with a very, very few exceptions they're still there. Pontificating, bleating on endlessly about the 'tough choices' that'll have to be made, the sacrifices oncoming; the consequences of all of which will be borne by? Yes, friends and neighbours, you guessed it, thee and me. Give yourself a coconut. By the time these toad-felching fucks have finished it'll be all you have left.

Just what the hell would make them resign? What would it take? What scale of cupboard-based skeleton? What calibre of smoking gun?

Would either of these do?

I delved into The Bran-Tub of Vileness in the back of my mind and:

When quizzed about being discovered in a floodlit capsule aboard the London Eye, sodomising the corpse of Mother Teresa, Lord Mandelson had this to say...

"It was an inadvertant breach of the rules regarding necrophilic sodomy, I have repaired the damaged ringpiece with UHU and a laggy band, and I really feel it's time to draw a line under the matter and move on"

You can imagine the conversation:

"Don't worry Peter, just pop the stiff in a bin-liner and keep it in the shed until this thing blows over. We'll just squirrel you away in the G20 until everything's forgotten. You alright for cash? Here, have couple of mil. to keep you ticking over. Taxpayers eh? If they didn't exist we'd have to invent 'em" [laughter].

So, in answer to my question, what would it take to make them resign?

Nothing. No. Thing. There is no level of ire or opprobrium that could impinge on their armour of unmerited entitlement and inexplicable estimation of their own self-worth. They are quite literally without shame, incapable of feeling it, surrounded as they are by creatures of equal vileness who support and reinforce them as they wallow and welter in their own slime.

What is it with these people? Why can't they see that this cannot, and will not be allowed to go on?

When the day dawns that we decide to clean house, it really will end in tears.


James Higham said...

What is it with these people? Why can't they see that this cannot, and will not be allowed to go on?

They can't see how we can stop them.

Call me Infidel said...

I see Lord Fondlesbums of Bhoys is now prepared to work within a Tory administration. That's uncommonly good of him the unprincipled slimy fuckpig.

wv reformat If only we could reformat the socialist scum. Erase them from history and start agaon.

Mac the Knife said...

James: They will find out. The longer it takes, the messier it'll be, but history is on our side...

CMI: That'll be a 7.62 calibre reformat then?