Monday, September 21, 2009

You Lucky, Lucky Bastard!

Nurse! Nurse!

Traction Man continues to detail the horrors of NHS food. Hah! The fairy. The limp-wristed, pampered, coddled bum-bag.

He gets two hot meals a day! Two!! TWO!!!

My daily menu in this Luft Stalag consists of:

Breakfast, two weetabix, buttered (I fucking hate milk-and-sugar cereal, there are no other options)

Lunch, some variation on mince or stew. Something veggie that I would rather die before eating.

Supper, some sort of soup (occasionally OK) with a sandwich (this is SEVEN nights a week).

And that, friends and neighbours, is your fucking lot. Tell that wanker Burnham to come and ask me if I'm satisfied with his bloody food. His balls will be my appetiser. The twat.

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