Sunday, October 04, 2009

Did He Really Say That?

David Cameron earlier today

I watched the Al-Jabeeba ten o'clock 'news' tonight (I know, I know, I'm a masochist who's too tight to buy nipple-clamps).

There was CamBoy, playing table football and jogging like a prize dick. So far, so bad; and then he said it.

"The new Conservative party"

Christ Jesus. He's supposedly gearing up to replace the most incompetent and thoroughly, justifiably loathed government in living memory, and he's publically adopting it's fucking nomenclature!

NuLabour is to be replaced by NuTory!

Please, for god's sake, someone, anyone PLEASE; give me a reason to believe he's not as big a fucking imbecile as I think he is.

Tony Blair earlier today


Anonymous said...

He is an imbecile and, yes, we are fucked.
Someone in OH's comments called him 'a cock with no balls' which says it all.
6 words could sweep the Tories to a certain and huge victory - "Fuck it - we're having a referendum."
No balls though.

Mac the Knife said...

Thanks Steve. I feel so much better now... *head in hands*

Kate said...

Yeah afraid we are royally fucked.