Friday, October 02, 2009

A Hari Bleats...

Better out than in eh?

Biased BBC dissects Johann Hari's case for a stay of execution.

Let's start with the good news. The BBC works.

Yeah? For whom exactly?

We get the best comedies, the best drama and the best news.

If you like formulaic shite, endless Jane Austen retreads (ditto Dickens) and Nu-Labour/warming alarmist propaganda, then you certainly do. In spades.

...that isn't contaminated by either corporate advertisers and proprietors on one side, or state ownership on the other.

Two out of three is progress of a sort I suppose, but the State's clammy hand more than makes up for mere corporates and proprietors. The Beeb doesn't even make the merest pretence at balance any more.

Three independent polls have found that a large majority of Brits would happily pay more for it.

Yeah. Right. Abso-fucking-lutely. That's my favourite bit.

Puts me in mind of something. What was it now? Oh yes. I remember...

Don't worry Johann. Nothing's going to happen to Auntie. Just go back to sleep and dream of the Socialist paradise* to come.

CamBoy hasn't the balls to do anything to the BBC. CamBoy hasn't the balls to do anything to anything.

Soon he'll take over from Spongebrain and then it'll be business as usual, scribbling in the margins, snouting and fucking the taxpayer.

You won't notice any real difference. I promise.

*Oxymoron alert.

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