Sunday, October 11, 2009

Strange Days Indeed

The Samizdati seem to share my feelings of unreality over remarkable events transpiring at Al-Jabeeba - formerly the BBC - the climate alarmist's propagandist of choice.

Sick renegade madman Paul Hudson (environment correspondent and possible P45 candidate) asks the incredibhly loaded super-pregnant question What happened to global warming?

Brian Micklethwaite punts some speculations as to why the Beeb has mysteriously rediscovered balanced reporting, albeit on a pitifully limited scale, and while these are interesting, I suspect Occam's razor may be whispering through the air.

The public won't buy this particular pup, and perhaps there's sufficient sanity (or cynicism) at the Beeb to recognise that their ultimate paymasters are starting to get just a little teeny-weeny bit fucked off with relentless eco-preaching and related bullshit.

I await developments with interest.

One thing's for certain. That egregious eco-harridan Jo Abbess who managed the cyber-castration of Roger Harrabin* a few months ago will have her work cut out (again). Ho ho.

* Regular habitués of Blogistan will know all about the BBC's environment hack/prostitute Roger Harrabin, and his spineless pandering to any ecoid who stamps their sandals hard enough. I can't be arsed to dredge up the links, but a soupçon may be enjoyed here.

ADDENDUM: I found time for a trawl after supper, and the incident to which I refer is detailed here.

Oh, and this is what the scurgy little fuck calls journalism.

PS: Isn't The Bishop a clever teddy?


James Higham said...

why the Beeb has mysteriously rediscovered balanced reporting

Ahhhh, we're in the endtimes.

Call me Infidel said...

Seems like normal service has been resumed...

The Lincoln Imp said...

Coming from the midlands, I get Paul Hudson as my local weatherman, I have suspected that he is 'anti-alarmist' for some time.

If my memory serves me, on the odd occasion that global warming has been raised owing to bad weather, he typically points out that similar weather happens all the time, and always has.

BBC regional news isn't anywhere near as politicesed as London, which means it'll probably be the first to go should the axe fall.