Friday, January 13, 2012

Heavenly Choir to the Stage Please, Heavenly Choir...

Can it be? Can it really be?

Following Alcohol 'Concern' having it's financial throat slit (let joy be unconfin'd), Saint Christopher de Snowdon over at VGIF indicates that another brick may be about to be kicked out of the Nu-Puritan wall.

Oh, that the most evil of lie-factories could be choked off, that ASH be reduced to ashes.

If that day dawns I will get falling-down piss-down-my-leg drunk in celebration. To see that smug, self-satisfied smile wiped off Arnott's ugly mug will leave me with at least one happy image to take to my grave.

Oh, and here's one more...

ASH's tax-payer funding stream, earlier today?